Before your engagement session.

Congrats! You are engaged, did you just pinch yourself?!

Here are a few things that you can do to prepare yourself for a great experience where you are prepared and in the know before you show up.

B E F O R E   T H E   S E S S I O N

The engagement session day is a great time to have your hair and make up trials done. That way you will feel pampered, and beautiful. If your “wedding look” might be over-doing it, then perhaps opt for having your hair styled at a salon the way you normally wear it, just better. That way you can have that “I just left the salon and I FEEL FABULOUS” look happening during session. Don’t forget to have your nails done too.

Wear outfits that you love and feel comfortable in. If you feel awkward it will show in the photos.

Visit the WHAT TO WEAR page if you need ideas.

I have lots of amazing locations but if there is a spot that is dear to your heart feel free to throw ideas my way! I love when the couple picks the place. I adore when you have a chosen a location that is meaningful.

H A V E   F U N   W I T H   IT

Think of a theme if you want. Set up a scenario for your engagement sessions thats more than just hanging out and looking adorable. Some fun ideas would be a camping out session, going to the beach, at home lifestyle shoots, fairs, canoeing, baking cookies, washing your dog, planning your wedding, favorite coffee shop, bookstore. The possibilities are endless. It is fun when couples really get into the session and make it their own. If that’s more than you want to deal with then I can totally make walking around Eastern Iowa just what you are looking for!

Furry friends coming along too? I LOVE it! I could play fetch all day. If this is something you would like please try to have a friend bring them or pick them up, so we can have time with just the two of you as well.

We all know men dont always like the have their pictures taken (even some of us ladies at times just arent feeling it)! But please keep in mind these are very precious memories and maybe have a pep talk before hand to bring your best attitudes for it! I promise, ill try to have a good time and maybe even make you laugh a little!

What I want you to remember when you think back to your engagement session was that you had fun, the images are natural, and the emotions are true to who you are!

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If my art of photography catches your eye I would love to set up a time we could get together to discuss your beautiful day or any occasion.

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