engagement session what to wear


For your Engagement Session


Get ready, i’m going to prepare you for an awesome photo shoot!

So many clothes and don’t know what to pick!? Here are some pointers in your decision making.

Reflect Who You Are :

Picking clothes that reflect who you are key. Your engagement session is all about who you are as a couple and I want to show that. Be as comfortable in your clothes as you can. We all have that certain dress that we know looks great on us or even certain colors. Be confident, you’re beautiful!

Complementary Colors :

Clothes that complement each other are a show stopper. I love whites, light blues, light pink, pastels, and neutrals. Try to stay away from busy patterns such as you BOTH wearing plaid. Plan it out and even try them on together at least once before the day of engagement session. Pinterest always has great inspiration for bright and airy engagement session outfits.

Matchy Matchy :

Too much matching looks blended in the images. Try to add a pop of color and fun! Colors that look great complemented together are pink and white, blue and yellow without over doing it. You can always keep it simple with a classy dress and some beautiful neutrals. And the best thing about neutrals is they don’t have to match!

Layers, layers, and more layers!

Did I mention I love layers? Tights with a dress, cardigan, and a chunky knitted sweater for example makes for an adorable outfit for fall. And throw a vest on your soon to be husband if that’s his style or a sweater over a button up. Whatever it is remember to be comfortable and have it reflect who you are. Keep the weather in mind and dress accordingly, layers come in handy for this too! Consider the location for your outfits as well. If you want an urban feel then wear that little black dress and some amazing heels. If we are doing a camping scenario grab those layers and boots! If we are headed to the beach then maybe a pop of color would be nice to go with your neutrals.

Wrinkles : They are total nightmare when it comes to editing so please if you iron or steam, do it the night before and then hang the clothes for your shoot. If you’re wearing something that wrinkles easily, don’t wear it in the car on the way to the shoot. You can change at the location.

Logos : Try to stay away from any logos or large print on your tee shirts. They tend to be very distracting in the images.

Your engagement session will be like a practice round with your wedding photographer before the big day! So hopefully these tips helped. And remember to be yourself, enjoy the moment and get some beautiful images.


Playful session in the park. These outfits have great colors that compliment each other without overdoing it. You can never go wrong with a flowy dress to play with!

e n g a g e m e n t (1 of 1)-58.jpg


On the farm life style session. Green and blue are in the same family and look great with her neutral top. The red dress brings a pop of color on a clean and simple backdrop. Dont those amazing details such as a beautiful family quilt!



E N G A G E M E N T (1 of 1)-99.jpg


Here is an urban engagement where she wore a gorgeous dress and heels and he is wearing colors that compliment and show off personality.


Hopefully these tips helped and you are excited for you e-session! It’s going to be amazing.

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